10th & 11th November 2018
9.30am-6.30pm | Sat & Sun
IPPP Auditorium,
University Malaya
Ticket Price:
RM120 (inclusive of lunch)

Summary of Sahih BUkhari (RM70) –
available at DCB / On the event day
Book of Belief & I’tisam
The Messenger of Allah (Peace be Upon Him) said:

“Say, ‘I believe in Allah’ and then be steadfast.”

Saheeh Muslim

In these two phrases, one learns the complete essence of one’s declaration of belief and application of Islam in one’s life through perseverance. These words instruct one to review one’s Iman (faith) through the tongue and remembrance of the heart, and they instruct one to remain steadfast (to have Istiqamah or I’tisam) upon performing the actions of obedience and refraining completely from actions of disobedience.

It is not enough to just say, but to actually follow through with action. Many times, we are very good at talking, but very weak at doing, practicing, and living by our words. By simply saying with the tongue does not absolve us of our responsibility of living by the words we say or proclaim.

Imam Al-Wasiti said, “Al-Istiqamah or I’tisam is a trait such that with it all the good qualities are perfected, and without it all are disfigured.”

Faith based on correct knowledge and action based on true teaching of the Quran and Sunnah – as understood by the early generation of this Ummah – are the only guarantee to achieve eternal success of here and hereafter.

In this 2-day intensive course, Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem will teach and explain to us two very important chapters (Book of  Beliefs and Book of I’tisam) from Summarized Saheeh Imam Bukhari رحمه الله)) ,

The Straight Path Convention invites you to join this very unique Ilm oriented class, taught by a very highly qualified experience teacher. You are to gain correct knowledge of our faith and learn how to uphold on to it, in today’s world that is surrounded by greatest trial and fitan.

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Sheikh Assim Al-Hakeem is an engaging speaker from Saudi Arabia and a regular contributor on Islamic radio and television programs in English to spread the authentic teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah. He has since conducted Al-Adab Al-Mufrad seminar for 2 years in a row in Kuala Lumpur. We are pleased to welcome him back as a speaker at the Straight Path Convention, a position he has held since its’ conception in 2015.


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